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Judith Hunt
Cover Artist

Judith Hunt


Judith Hunt


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Other Occupation:



Kennebunk, Maine

Artists are a diverse lot: they may choose to paint or photograph, sculpt or sketch. Whatever their medium though, they create an image out of an idea, enabling us to see more of life than we otherwise would. We applaud their skill and are grateful for their passion and their talents.

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Iota shaking hands How we
met them:
Trying to find an artist who can illustrate a cover for a Civil War era book was a daunting task until I came across the artwork of Judith Hunt. Seeing her Scholastic Book cover, "Escape!" showing a young girl on horseback with Civil War soldiers in the background confirmed my choice. Happily, Judith was in agreement to work with us and will be giving the world a look at the book's protagonist, "Tribulation Periwinkle."
Iota jumping for joy Fun Facts about them:
Judith calls herself an illustrator and cartoonist, but she is also a horticultural consultant, novice cook, herbalist, and farmer! I bet that you wouldn't have guessed that she also loves using heavy machinery such as her bobcat on her organic farm in Kennebunk, Maine. Being Irish and Native American with a touch of Scot makes her musical taste quite interesting, and she is an avid reader of non-fiction books on art and plants as well as sci-fi that makes you want to live long enough to see the future.

Iota with sign stating "what I think" What they have to say:
"Kalliope gave me the opportunity to read a great manuscript and do very interesting historical research; to create a cover for an audiobook business which gives me so much listening pleasure when I do my art...what more could I ask for in an assignment!?"

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Artist Bio
At age 17, Judith's art fling took on a serious resonance in Philadelphia, while working there as an engraver. During the past 20 years, she has worked to perfect her research and communication skills and has created a variety of artwork for books, magazines, TV, videos and toys. In addition she has worked as an art director, staff illustrator, and designer for magazine companies and her own design firm, "Off the Wall Studios." Judith's art studio, located on her small organic farm in southern Maine, is fully equipped to meet the highly technical needs of today's digital clients.

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Hospital Sketches by Louisa May Alcott
Hospital Sketches
Sergeant York and His People by Samuel Kincaid Cowan
Sergeant York and His People

Quote: The Scribe Quote:
the Scribe
"We work in the dark, We do what we can, We give what we have. Our doubt is our passion and our passion is our task.
The rest is the madness of art."

~Henry James

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