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Treasured Literature for Today's Listener

Venture in... to the inspiring world of audiobooks with Kalliope as your guide. As a muse of "beautiful words" she  offers time-tested, carefully-crafted, and insightfully illustrated stories to delight any age or interest. Her helper, Iota ("little bit") digs up the summaries and reviews, and directs traffic around the web site. Also seek out "Quote" (our scribe) as he points to the gems worth collecting along the way. Enjoy your treasure hunt...

Quote: The Scribe
Kalliope Quote: the Scribe
Feeling adventurous? We've got an audiobook for that. Feeling the need for a hero? We've got a book for that too. How about when you're feeling historical, or intellectual, or nostalgic, or even undecided? Kalliope can suggest one that will match any need with just the right story to keep you inspired, encouraged, entertained, and any other feeling you yearn for. So give us a try...we think you'll like us.

Carefully chosen books must pass a series of scrutinizing tests to become Kalliope Audiobooks. Are they enjoyable? Are they encouraging? Are they beautiful? Do they entice you to keep listening long after you expected to stop? Will they become a treasure to keep or a gift to present to an equally treasured friend? Only the best of the best make these cuts to proudly be called "beautiful words" and carry the Kalliope logo.

We're now open for business and ready to ship off a premiere copy of our first audiobook offering, Seven Little Australians (by Ethel Turner 1894), which is a lovely gem of a story! Enjoy your visit, look around, and be sure to come back soon to see the other lovely stories we're getting ready for you. We're working on a teen book, a canine classic, a Civil War story, a French novel, and oh, so many others! ~ Kalliope 

"Loving stories is our heart, finding excellent ones is our mission,
 sharing them is our passion."

~The Kanuchoks